Client Reviews

  Client Reviews

Lori Tiemann

Trip Review: Best trip ever! It was flawless from beginning to end!

Most Memorable Moment: Besides all the wonderful animals, it was probably the evening at Machaba where staff fixed a feast and sang and danced and I came to the realization that I'M IN AFRICA!!

Advice For Future Clients: You need to go with the flow and hire African Portfolio!

March 2023

Donna Hutchens

Trip Review: Our safari trip was a wonderful experience, couldn’t have been any better! Everything thing went smoothly, not one single snafu! We’re thinking of scheduling another safari with AP to Tanzania & Kenya in 2024 or 2025.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many to choose the most memorable!

Advice For Future Clients: Use African Portfolio for a well planned, “I’s dotted- T’s crossed” trip!

March 2023

Joseph Bryan

Trip Review: This was a trip of a lifetime and all because of Vanessa!!!!

Most Memorable Moment: I believe the most memorable moment was waking up in Botswana to elephants and giraffe outside my lodge were I was sleeping to see the animals so close and in their natural habitat really made me appreciate not only Africa but the majestic wildlife as well.

Advice For Future Clients: Pack less clothes, spend more time in Botswana, and make sure that I write down everything I see on safari each night after I finish the day in order not to forget all the animals and plants.

March 2023

Sarah Kreitman

Trip Review: All legs of the trip - hotel, airplane flights, drivers - were all well coordinated.

Most Memorable Moment: Everything - people, culture, animals, geography.

Advice For Future Clients: Enjoy and explore on this great adventure!

Traveled To:
March 2023

Rita Bernabei

Trip Review: This trip was seamless. We trust African Portfolio to meet our travel needs.

Most Memorable Moment: 1. Driving through the great migration. 2. Driving from Kenya into Tanzania. Seeing how the people live. 3. Relating to the guides. They were humble.

Advice For Future Clients: Be cognizant of the # of game drives unless you are really into that aspect. Frank took 1800 photos and we were amazed by the variety of animals and the knowledge we gained. Life changing trip.

March 2023

Kate Doms

Trip Review: It was more than a vacation- it was a transforming experience.

Most Memorable Moment: We were watching some lions on a beautiful rock outcropping that was surrounded and dotted with lush green vegetation. There was a big male with a mane, younger males growing manes, and a little cub. A lioness came through the shrubs from the other side of the rocks. She first greeted the large male, rubbing her head against his head. Then she checked in with each of the other lions. Then one of the teenagers began to walk up the rocks, and the cub grabbed his tail and held on, hanging on and following up to the top of the rocks.

Advice For Future Clients: Keep a journal and take photos of every place that you stay, as you will want to remember where and when you saw each thing. Save up your money so that you can fly business class, or pay the extra money to use the business class lounge in Qatar. Get a shower (free) while you have your layover.

Traveled To:
February 2023

Jane Davis - Sigall

Trip Review: So many beautiful memories from this most recent trip.

Most Memorable Moment: Too many to note. However, I personally loved visiting Reteti Sanctuary and feeding the baby giraffes and elephants.

Advice For Future Clients: Be advised that this safari experience is much less luxurious than Sabi-Sabi in South Africa. However, still extremely worthwhile because of the number and diversity of animals seen!

Traveled To:
February 2023

Nicholas Forbes

Most Memorable Moment: The Mokoro boat ride. The silence, the beauty, the being at eye level.

Advice For Future Clients: Relax and enjoy, we've got you covered.

January 2023

James Sillers

Most Memorable Moment: So Many. Possibly watching the Cheetah take down a Wildebeest calf.

Advice For Future Clients: Travel light. Laundry is available and included in almost all camps. Again set your clothes out on the bed one week before you leave. 3 days later remove half of the clothes set out. Two days before you actually put the clothes in your bag remove more items. Now you are ready for the trip.

January 2023

Betsy Hely

Trip Review: Everything went like clockwork. It was a perfect trip. We have never felt so taken care of in our lives.

Most Memorable Moment: Being chased in our vehicle by a rhino for a few seconds was very exciting, (but we never felt in danger.) Seeing hyenas circling around their wildebeest carcass. Seeing the wild dogs trying to get one of the young wildebeests and how the adults circled the young until the dogs finally gave up.

December 2022

Christine Fairchild

Trip Review: Exceeded all expectations.

Most Memorable Moment: The leopard in the tree. Then he jumped down because 2 lionesses were approaching.

Advice For Future Clients: Do it right!!! Don't go a less expensive route, as this was just fantastic.

December 2022

Kristine Edison

Trip Review: You were very thorough in helping to prepare us for the trip!

Most Memorable Moment: So many animals at the watering holes, sunset vista views, baby animals, cheetah, fun with our group... so many!

Advice For Future Clients: GO!!!

December 2022

Keri Frankenstein

Most Memorable Moment: So many memorable moments….The most unusual was deciding to do a little boat trip thinking it would be mellow and not really expecting a lot of wildlife….and then finding a Leopard near the water, then an Elephant in the water, then a Lioness, and then Wild Dogs right on shore…..Our guide said, “This is Insane”. He had not ever had such an amazing boat ride in all his years.

Advice For Future Clients: Pack lighter.

Traveled To:
December 2022

Autumn Arranz

Trip Review: Vanessa and I go way back. She is my travel guru to Africa and I would not put myself in anyone else's hands. She is hands down - the best and I love her to pieces.

Most Memorable Moment: Richard and KB, tracked and tracked and tracked - and I saw my first Sable - in over 20+ years - never had seen them. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Advice For Future Clients: Be patient - and just enjoy - the bush is a gift - sometimes it opens up with a bang, other times, it is more discreet.

Traveled To:
December 2022

Linda Epstein

Most Memorable Moment: Since this is our 5th trip it's always an experience to be in the bush with the animals. Did see a lion being chased by a herd of elephants.

Advice For Future Clients: Be patient while in the bush.

Traveled To:
December 2022

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